Please make sure to park your car in the centre of AC-Haaren or AC-Verlautenheide and WALK to the festival site!

About Muehlen Madness

Muehlen Madness is a small-scale alternative festival organized by d.i.y. kid Lissi Soltau, a child care worker and avid fan of alternative music.

Muehlen Madness takes place at the Kahlgrachtmühle (= Kahlgracht Mill, hence the name of the event), a very picturesque old mill place by a creek in the suburbs of Aachen, Germany. The "Muehle" has been serving as a special kind of foster home since the mid-90s; it is run by Lissi's parents.

Muehlen Madnesss was first held in the summer of 2003. Having attracted dozens of artists and hundreds of visitors from all over the world (as well as thunderstorms and glorious, sunny weather) it can most certainly be called an institution by now.

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